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Legacy Sports Arena Volunteer Program

We are excited that you would consider giving back to the community!

Legacy Sports Arena will be hosting a massive educational field trip program comprised primarily of elementary school students from a variety of school settings. The program will explore the four pillars of STEM education - science, technology, engineering and math and take place Monday through Friday throughout the school year.

Between 200 and 300 children will arrive daily to experience public ice skating, our learn-to-skate treadmill and the artificial ice surface. The children will also be able to participate in Stick Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Dodgeball. They will learn about the sustainability of our facility with solar and water recycling and through a guided tour of our greenhouses. They will get to see a Zamboni machine up-close where they will learn the technical aspects of it and how it works.

Lunch will be provided on site at which time they will be shown a sports film that will encourage them and explain to them the benefits of participating in sports throughout their lives.

Volunteers Needed
While numerous corporate sponsors are funding up to 30,000 school children a year, numerous volunteers are needed Monday through Friday to make an impact on these children. Additional volunteer opportunities can be found in coaching with our numerous house leagues in Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Pickleball.

Depending upon the position, certain credentialing or certifications may be required and will be discussed at the initial meetings during the 1st quarter of 2020.

Would you like to volunteer?

Do you love sports and competition? Legacy Sports Arena welcomes passionate, sports-loving volunteers from all walks of life. Our diverse group of volunteers will be comprised of a variety of ages, backgrounds and professions united by their love of sports and their desire to share that passion with others.

What types of positions are available?

Coaches for Basketball, Volleyball, Learn-to-Skate and Pickleball. Other positions include Group Leaders, Bus Drivers, Skate Patrol, Lunch Servers and Administrators. Future positions may be listed as they become open.

How to get involved?

For consideration, please fill out the form below and submit today to be considered. Legacy Sports Arena takes pride in fostering a safe environment for children. All volunteers will undergo a thorough background check, reference checks, safe sport and safety training. Our goal is to try and accommodate as many volunteers as possible, but consideration will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Volunteer Interest Form

Please provide Legacy Sports Arena with the details noted below.

Your submission will be reviewed and, if selected, you will be contacted the first Quarter of 2020.