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Rob Eaton's Speech

Rob Eaton Gives Speech at Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • May 7, 2019

Owner Rob Eaton opened the ceremony with a stirring speech:

Good morning to all of you and welcome! In front of all of you I want to thank God and Praise him for making this Legacy project possible. My name is Rob Eaton and like all of you, I am so excited that this sports spectacular is finally becoming a reality.

It takes perseverance and a great effort to bring a project like this together. At this time I would like to recognize some of the key individuals who helped turn this dream into a reality.

  • 1. First and foremost, my beautiful wife Sabrina
  • 2. Broker Paul Clark who found the property and negotiated the purchase
  • 3. Architects Jay Jolley and Eric Milberger
  • 4. Builder Adam Mays
  • 5. My own staff of Jessica Romero and Alex Barajas who did much of the research

I also extend my appreciation to all of our family, friends, neighbors, and others who are either working on the project or can’t wait for it to open next fall so that they can utilize the facility.

Before we talk about project specifics, I would like to introduce my father-in-law, Pastor Manny Martinez for today’s dedication of the property.

Thank you Pastor Manny.

Some have asked me why the name Legacy? The Legacy name pays tribute to our families, where fun and tradition can be had for all members. The Legacy name is also a tribute to our military, both active duty and veterans, and to all of our first responders. All of our playing surfaces are named in their honor. Legacy Sports Arena will be built with the latest technology to create a magical experience for both players and spectators. The City of Phoenix and in particular this Gateway Community will enjoy one of the nicest amateur facilities in the nation. Our design includes 2 NHL sized ice rinks, a giant sized glass floor with underneath LED lighting that converts lines for Volleyball courts, Basketball courts, Dodgeball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Pickleball. This arena also includes an upstairs restaurant, gymnasium, concessions, an artificial ice rink, and many other amenities. To tell you a little more about the arena, I would like to introduce Eric Mildberger, the architect.

Because we anticipate the arena will become a destination center for tournaments, camps, and conventions, we have planned a destination hotel to be built at the same time, on this same property that caters to the sports enthusiast, athlete and their families. To speak more about our special hotel, I would like to introduce Jay Jolley, the architect.

At this time, I invite Pastor Manny, Sabrina, Jay, Eric, and Adam to come forward and join me in turning the first shovels of dirt commemorating this special occasion.

Each of these architects, the builder and my staff will stay a while to help answer any questions you may have. This new arena and hotel will probably be standing long after all of us have left this world. As we close out this formal portion of our dedication, feel free to come forward and turn a shovel of dirt yourselves and create your own portrait in time commemorating how you were there when it all first began!

I want to thank you all for coming. Please stay to enjoy the refreshments, and share in our joy of this wonderful occasion.