About the Field Trip Program

The Legacy Sports Arena field trip program is designed to give elementary school students from a variety of school settings an exciting, fun and unique experience. The program will explore the four pillars of STEM education - science, technology, engineering and math and take place Monday through Friday throughout the school year.

Program Model

  • • 200 Kids Per Day: Free Transport on Legacy Buses to Arena
  • • Field Trip Program: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • • S.T.E.M. Education Program: Renewable Energy, Sustainability & Recycled Water
  • • Lunch & Gifts

  • FUN! FUN! FUN!... and it’s all FREE!

Joy of Sports

On the Ice: 30 Minute Rotations (Safety helmets and wristbands provided)
• Learn to skate     • Stick hockey     • Skating Treadmill

Court Games: 30 Minute Rotations
• Volleyball      • Basketball      • Green House tour

A Day at Legacy Sports Arena


*Times of Pick up and Return adjustable to meet school deadlines. The program is designed for 3rd and 4th graders.
We’re able to add 2nd and 5th graders if necessary, to meet minimum attendance of 200 students.
Legacy Sports Arena can accommodate up to 280 students per day.

STEM Focus: Renewable Energy

  • These lessons are designed using the 2nd – 5th grade Arizona state standards for math and science
  • • Solar energy in the Arena
  • • Water Reclamation Program
  • • Hydroponic Garden

  • The Legacy Staff conduct all classes!

FREE Bus Transportation*

  • Special Legacy Sports Arena buses will transport your students to the Sports Arena and back to school all free of charge for your kids and teachers.
  • * Insurance coverage provided by Legacy Sports Arena

Sign Up Today!

  • 1) Secure the necessary approval(s) from your school
  • 2) Complete and submit the request form
  • 3) You can follow-up with Jessica Romeo, our chief administrator, a week after submission through phone or email.

    Phone: 623-580-9444
    Email: jessica@legacyarena.org

Volunteers Wanted

While numerous corporate sponsors are funding up to 30,000 school children a year, numerous volunteers are needed Monday through Friday to make an impact on these children. Additional volunteer opportunities can be found in coaching with our numerous house leagues in Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Pickleball. Depending upon the position, certain credentialing or certifications may be required and will be discussed at the initial meetings during the 1st quarter of 2020.